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The Refinery creates innovative and creative short films, commercials, online media and TV programmes. From online campaigns to big budget commercials, TV programmes, conferences and events, our flexible approach means we can cater to any requirement for video.

Whether its animation, documentary, product branding, viral videos or instructional films, we have a solution that will fit, so get in touch +44(0) 207 231 6112

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    Specialist work in science and technology

    The Refinery has a specialism in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering,and maths) and although not all of our work is science related, many of our clients are from learned societies, universities and other educational institutions. What this really means is that we specialise in being able to take complex subjects and explain them simply, easily and engagingly at a level that suits your audience. We have filmed with pre-schoolers and nobel prize winners and pride ourselves on the ability to communicate on a level with either (or both, which once happened on a shoot!)

    We are always delighted to hear from people in the sector who have the same passions as us. So feel free to drop us a line on +44 (0) 207 231 6112 if you work in science and have something you would like communicated on film.

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