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Hoxton Rumblings

El-Mysterioso, the digital agency par excellence, have recently moved offices to a lovely air-conditioned retro-cool studio in Hoxton St. The air-conditioning is retro, in that it involves opening the windows, and the floor is bare concrete, which would be extremely cool if it weren’t for the dust clouds emanting from it when you jump up and down. The answer, of course, is no jumping up and down on the bare concrete.

Here, they do good work, in the presence of cool music, and create magnificent web sites and even make new fangled phone applications.

Bang Goes the Budget

Bang Goes The Theory is back for its third seasonal outing on BBC1. For those of us old enough still to pine for the old days of Tomorrow’s World, and for whom Brainiac was just that little bit too “I’m mad me”, its the perfect mix. At least that’s how it comes across on screen. But for those working behind the scenes, putting together a BGTT challenge is a labour of love….and hard labour at that.