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Things we do

TV, film and video

From concept through development to transmission, The Refinery can produce, direct and deliver programmes, short films, virals, internet series or web-video. The Refinery has been involved in the creation and production of numerous successful, award-winning network TV shows from factual entertainment to high brow documentaries. Go to Case Studies

Museums and Exhibitions

From concept development & science consultancy through to build, The Refinery has worked with some of the biggest international names in the field of culture, including The Science Museum and its commercial arm “The Science Of…” in exhibition development, outreach programmes and exhibits in some of the world’s most iconic galleries. Go to Case Studies

Web-Sites and Applications

The Refinery can help you to come up with concepts to engage your online audience in an educational and engaging way. Through its network of partners and Friends of The Refinery, we have partners who can build platforms for any interactive whether web-based or mobile app. Go to Case Studies

Medical Literature, Patient Engagement, Teaching Resources, Science Outreach Activities & Environmental Statements

The Refinery can help you to expand your outreach into hospitals, patient communities, schools and educational institutions by producing and delivering engaging teaching packs and material to support websites, press releases or publications. The Refinery can tailor this material to suit any keystage, or audience and incorporate the relevant curricular or medical knowledge, skills and understanding. The Refinery can also arrange hands on science shows and practical demonstrations and produce exciting Environmental Statements which will engage consumers with your green activities. Go to Case Studies

Books and Publishing

The Refinery have been commissioned by numerous leading publishing houses to author popular science books aimed at both adults and children’s markets. From the world’s best selling book (Guinness Book of Records) to Waterstone’s bestsellers list (Science of Survival) Go to Case Studies

Science Consultancy

Looking to get your science message across but not sure how to do it? The Refinery has decades of experience in science communications and we can sit down with you for a creative brainstorming session and develop a strategy, media and narrative which will engage your audience with your story. We have ample experience of getting across complex science in ways & language that anyone can understand;  from the Theory of Relativity or the relative merits of sportswear, The Refinery can make science accessible to all..Go to Case Studies