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The Story of The Refinery

Our name reflects what we do – taking rough or crude information and refining it into something of beauty and value.

The Refinery grew up in a large industrial town in Scotland, but rather than see the industry as a petrochemical behemoth which chokes the air and blights the landscape, we view these immense installations as feats of industrial architecture, as givers of jobs, homes and warmth. Not only that, but these steel fortresses by day, are transformed into glittering castles of light when dusk falls.

Grangemouth, Scotland.

Grangemouth, Scotland.

There are many specialist communications agencies for medical communications and “Big Pharma” but barely any who specialise in science specifically. Most science writers work as individuals, but our aim at The Refinery, is to bring together the combined expertise of a group of experts with differing, but complimentary experiences, to create a dedicated agency for science communation.

All of The REFINERY’s directors have bone-fide professional experience and understanding of science, and a genuine love for the subject, which in our experience, makes all the difference.