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Stephen Lawrence Centre/Museum of London

The REFINERY has been working closely with the Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford on several fine-art projects designed to create new public works of art, and place the SLC at the centre of the local community.



Stephen Lawrence was a promising young student who dreamed of being an architect, but those hopes were dashed when he was cruelly murdered in a racially motivated attack in 1993. His mother, Doreen, became a great campaigner for social justice, and her dreams of creating a lasting legacy for her son Stephen were realised with the opening of the Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford in 2008. Designed by internationally renowned architect, David Adjaye, the aim now is to place the physical building at the heart of the community, and The REFINERY is helping to do this through the public art projects its is involved in. One of these projects was also carried out in collaboration with The Museum of London Docklands, in which participants created a model of a new public artwork to stand outside the museum at West India Quay.

MOLD _New_Concept_Sculpture copy-1

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