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Mark Walport – Chief Scientist

This blog is one of several published in real time during the live event “nutrition for growth; beating hunger through business and science”. The rest of the blogs can be found by clicking the links at the bottom of the page. Some of those organisations supporting this movement are include The IF campaignThe ONE campaign DFID


Mark Walport speaks:


The role of science. Plant and animal diseases are a massive factor in undernutrition.

There is a disease that currently affects 37% of the global wheat harvest/

Breeding has been transformed by science.

Effective insecticide

vaccine and eradication of cattle disease UK major funder of agri research centres. CJIAR including work on biofortification.

Science can’t stay in labs – it must work with business to innovate to help UK and developing countries. New move will contribute to global food security. DFID and FSA are working with developing countries to help.


Improved food security stops hunger and brings economic development.



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