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Please excuse us if you stumble over any untidy bits of the site. We are in the process of tidying it up but have been extremely busy.


Most recently we  have been working on a grand total of more than 60 short films, which together made up the day of talks, prentations, posters and lectures from Barts inaugural “Research day for MS patients and their Families”. The day was organised by Gavin Giovanonni and his team in the Neurology Department at Barts and the Royal London Hospital.

The lectures took place in the stunning Centre of the Cell building (pictured) which was designed by Will Alsop.

The centre incorporates architectural pods resembling parts of cell structures which hang from the ceiling ; one acts as am outreach learning centre for schools and others as seminar booths.


The open plan space all overlooks a humungous basement laboratory, so that visitors can peer down and watch real scientists at work. Cleverly, they are protected from noxious fumes by an invisible sheet of air blown gently across the heads of the lab staff which carries any floating nasties off into the abyss.


The lectures themselves took place in the Perrin Lecture Theatre, named after Sir Michael Willcox Perrin a noted British scientist who created the first practical polythene, directed the first British atomic bomb programme, and managed the Allied intelligence of the Nazi atomic bomb.

As if that lot didn’t keep him busy, he also found time to be chairman of the Bart’s Medical School, a tradition that is carried on by his son, Charles Perrin, who is treasurer of Queen Mary’s to this day.


So, what do you think ?